The Bees

The Bees 1

Queen Bee: the leader of the pack, she doesn't have to be the prettiest, but because of her confidence everyone wants to emulate her, and what she has they want too!

Queen Bee Collective is the collective ideas of good mates Teresa and Annie who live in the same Buckinghamshire village, with a shared passion for fashion, interiors,  and all things that make you feel good...  (We also share a deep love of Ryan Gosling, but who doesn't)!  Also very much part of the team and at every meeting are our beloved dogs Roxy and Minnie.  

It all began 3 years ago selling homeware, xmas decorations and some scarves we picked up in Lisbon...we printed some flyers, borrowed a friend's barn and held a 'Christmas Pop Up' sale which was brilliant fun.  It was a welcome flashback to our working lives, pre kids, when we both worked in fashion and retail in London.  We were hooked - hunting out more stock and new suppliers and we popped up again.  What a great feeling to be doing something for ourselves after years of just being Mums.  The concept of Queen Bee was born.

A few months on and here we are with our boldest move yet - it feels a little daunting but as true Queen Bees we decided our time to shine is now!  It's been a whirlwind and we've learnt everything as we've gone along which has been a really exciting and interesting process.

We have put together a collection of things we both equally love and would wear or buy ourselves - whether it's a necklace or a mug - we are passionate about finding gorgeous things at an affordable price.  A treat for yourself or the perfect gift for a friend or daughter.  Whilst we hanker after the designer look we enjoy nothing more than finding a more realistic version on the High Street and are often quite competitive about it!  But we really feel life is to be enjoyed, in this ever competitive world where we all feel we are not as busy, or clever, or pretty as someone else... It's time to stop comparing yourself to others and just be happy being who you are.  

Our collection is evolving all the time and we hope you will be a part of our journey as our little brand grows...this is just the BEE-ginning.