A Little Update

A Little Update 0

It has been a while since we last wrote a blog, we are never sure if anyone reads them, but you are long overdue an update either way.

Queen Bee Collective is in its 6th year now - something we can't fathom.  We never knew where this little adventure would take us, but the two of us really couldn't have guessed back in 2017 that we'd now have over 25,000 brilliantly loyal followers on Instagram and still be selling, what is now a curated collection of clothing, jewellery and accessories.

We really enjoy what we do.  It has not been without its challenges of course. No one could have predicted Covid, Brexit, a war in Ukraine and Liz Truss.

We've made some pretty good amendments to the website recently which will hopefully make for a more customer focused experience. 

  • You can now leave reviews (these really help us so please do so if you can)
  • Out of stock notifications - if your item is out of stock please put your email address in and we will be told who's waiting for what and you'll be the first to know once we restock your item
  • Loyalty scheme - we've signed up with SMILE, to ensure that your loyalty is rewarded, you'll earn points for recommending us to others, and earn money off the more you spend.

2023 has been tough so far, but we are so happy to have the best customers in the world.

Big love, Annie and Teresa x o x o 


  • Annie Porter
Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air 0

We are beside ourselves with happiness with how our brand is evolving. We've worked really hard to grow our little business and are over the moon with our 7500 instagram following.  Behind the scene we continue to strive to offer products we LOVE  in a really busy market place. It is getting harder and harder to offer something unique at a reasonable price.  There are new retailers appearing all the time.

We have lots in store for Spring 2020 and beyond and can't wait to share more with you. We've found a brilliant supplier for our jewellery, based in the UK which has been a sellout.  We are still growing our clothing offering and are currently designing new organic summer tees and a small selection of sweatshirts.  Again this is just stuff we want to wear and will wear day in, day out.  Our Joplin bags have been a total winner and will be coming back in new fresh colours.  We're also launching a range of leather goods alongside our pu Joplins so we can offer variety at all price points.   There are plus sides and negatives to the productions of both leather and faux leather but at the forefront of our minds is being mindful of our carbon footprint, not buying too much excess and using and reusing things we love - which we hope our products will be.  We don't want to create fast fashion pieces that will quickly date, we want to champion using things to've all got that favourite piece that you wish you'd bought more than one of....

Thanks for sticking with us. There is so much just around the corner so keep watching.

love Annie and Teresa x

  • Annie Porter
New Arrivals....TWINS

New Arrivals....TWINS 0

Our babies are finally here!  Proud mummy alert
Busy Busy Bees

Busy Busy Bees 0

Thanks to our wonderful customers we have had a really encouraging start with the website.   It has been a very worthwhile journey and at times a steep learning curve but we have learnt lots. During the course of the year we've updated our collection with more jewellery, summer bags and baskets.  We have a keen eye for something a little bit different and we LOVE bright and striking colours.  We've done really well with our rainbow tees and sequin lips both of which have been sold out several times and it becomes a race to restock them.  They've appeared far and wide on instagram thanks to some wonderful bloggers and our happy customers.  It's brilliant to see our items being enjoyed.  We never thought in a million years that clothing would become our big success so we have some exciting plans in the pipeline for Autumn 2018.  Watch this space, we will be very busy little Bees this summer.

We've been out and about trying to meet other business owners, joined the wonderful DiscovHer which pools resources and business brains (we should between the group have an answer to almost any problem!), we've attended an Instagram for Business workshop hosted by Tring Buzz which was invaluable and made lots of friends along the way. There is always more we can do but we are slowly but surely starting to feel like we own a business rather than messing around in each other's kitchens.  We still do a fair bit of messing about which can often be seen on Instagram stories...but thank goodness they are only saved for 24 hours.

That's it for now, but there is plenty more to come and we are really excited about Autumn.  We've been buying and we think you are going to like it!! Spending money is the EASY bit and it's really fun too.


  • Annie Porter