New Arrivals....TWINS

New Arrivals....TWINS

We've been like a pair of expectant mums, eagerly awaiting the birth of our first children...ready, but nervous...desperately waiting for them to be here, yet not at all sure what to expect and massively unprepared!  Well this week our babies have arrived and we couldn't be happier!

Our sequin lips camo bags have been a LONG time in the making - not quite 9 months gestation, but not that far off...but it's worth it.  What started as the 2 of us selling a few things we liked at a trade fair has grown into creating something that we are passionate about...slightly thrown off course last year with a breast cancer diagnosis, surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy and all the complications that that brought...not a great way to launch a website when one half of you doesn't want to face the world while you should be putting yourselves out there and making things happen.   Yet here we are....with product we've designed ourselves!  It feels brave, a little bonkers but brilliant. 

It's camo.  Agreed it's not everyone's cup of tea, but WE love camo and we've always maintained that we only want to sell what WE love..(we both have to love it...which isn't always easy).  But it's not just camo. It's sequin lips (which we also both love).  It's lined in neon pink.  It includes an inner pouch. It has a neon pink bee embroidered on to it.  It has our very own swing tickets with our words to live by - BEE HAPPY, BEE TRUE, BEE YOU on them.

We've got a LOT to be grateful for, our friendship has survived some hefty hurdles...retail is not a bed of roses, instagram is a struggle for small businesses at the moment, but our bundles of joy are here and we are celebrating.  Very proud mummies indeed.

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  • Annie Porter
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